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Will drafting

A Will is a legal document which governs who your hard earned assets will go to on your death.

The most common types of Wills are:-

Standard Wills
Mirror Wills
Discretionary Trust Wills
Life Interest trust wills

Going on holiday as a family or simply going about your day to day errands could result in death.  Our advice is that you should make a Will from the time you start work, have children, form a relationship or get married to name but a few circumstances.

A Will is not just for when you get old.  A Will allows you to appoint a legal Guardian for your young children for example.

If you feel your children are too young, or they are in unstable relationships or you have children with disabilities or dependencies then you may benefit from Trust options within your Will.

Perhaps you are worried about inheritance tax or maybe you do not wish certain members of your family to benefit. By speaking to our expert, we can ensure that you are offered the best advice to help you decide which Will is suited to your circumstances.

At Touch Solicitors, we are specialists in this field.  We do not use Will-writing software and strongly advise against the use self help packs.  If your circumstances change then as a valued client, we will guide you on whether we would recommend updating your Will.

We are also happy to offer storage for your Will at no additional cost.

Making a Will is not difficult.  All you have to do is give us a call and we will help with the rest.


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