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Lasting Powers of Attorney


Lasting Powers of Attorney are legal documents that take two forms:

1-Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs
2-Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

Both documents can only be created whilst you still have the ability to understand the nature and implications of the documents. They are created by you, not your family. This means that you have the choice of who you choose as your Attorneys and also control over when and how your Attorneys are to act.

You can also limit the powers you give or simply provide guidance on how you wish your Attorneys to act.

There is a two-stage process to the creation of the documents.

The first stage is setting the documents up. This involves understanding the documents, choosing your Attorneys. All parties then sign the relevant sections in the presence of a witness. Once the forms are signed they are valid documents but they cannot be used until the second stage is completed.

The second stage can be done at the time after the first. This stage involves registering the forms with the Office of Public Guardian. For ease of understanding, we refer to the process as the activation of the forms. Once activated, the forms can be used by your Attorneys.

Whilst the choice of registration rests with you, our Solicitors are Dementia Champions and fully acquainted with working with individuals and families with health problems relating to mental capacity. We would make a recommendation of registration depending on your particular circumstances.

You may be worried about who will manage your finances or maybe you are worried about going into care or medical treatment. Perhaps you have recently had a stroke or been diagnosed with dementia. Whatever your circumstance, a Lasting Power of Attorney is a vital document to have.

In fact, we recommend all clients have these documents for peace of mind- they are simple documents but an essential lifetime tool.

Often it is too late for us to help prepare a Lasting Powers of Attorney because a client simply does not understand the nature of the documents.

All you need to do is to call us to help set the documents up. Once prepared, you only register the Lasting Power of Attorney if and when the need arises. We visit you where ever you are whether it is at home, in sheltered accommodation, care home or hospital. We like to help make life simple.


Mrs Bowden: “My LPA were carried out efficiently and quickly and also with care and sensitivity. Thank you so much”