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Care Cap Increase

Contribution towards care costs currently say:

If you have assets above £23,250, then you will self funds your care costs unless you are in receipt of NHS Continuing Health Care.  This had led many people contemplating gifting away their assets including their property without consideration the rule relating to “deliberate deprivation”.  A number of unregulated companies actively exploit this fear by promising various Trust structure to secure assets from care home fees.

However, good news:  From October 2023 the Govermnent will introduce a new £86,000 cap the amount that will need to be spent on personal care over their lifetime.  Further, the current asset level will increase to £100,000 with the lower limit to increase from £14,250 to £20,000.

Whilst this news is much welcomed, as a firm, we advise on the current law as the law is forever changing and having promised such significant changes in the past to no avail, we recommend exploring all your options before relying on the stated change.