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Our Team

Hi, I’m Trusha.  I set up Touch Solicitors in August 2011 with the sole purpose of being able to work how I wanted.  If I have helped make a difference in a person’s life, for me my knowledge and training has been well utilised.

With this principle in mind, I have set up seven different advice surgeries across Greater Manchester.  The aim being to allow the vulnerable members of our community to have access to good advice without feeling committed.

I have worked from home for nearly six years running my firm, a household and raising my two beautiful girls.  I sit on the board of Trustees for Talbot House and present talks to various voluntary and private sector organisations.

During this time, I have continued to better my skills and completed the internationally recognised qualification, STEP.  The letters “TEP” representing Trust and Estate Practitioner now follow my name.  I then completed my professional accreditation of Solicitors for the Elderly.  As I work a lot with people with dementia, I completed my training and am now a Dementia Champion.

I am passionate and dedicated to my career and the work I do.

My vision for the firm is simple.  To work hard and advise well.

2018, I have been shortlisted as Sole Practitioner of the Year by the Law Society. This is an incredible lifetime achievement and I am truly humbled that the work I do can stand out amongst my peers.